Hello. You are welcome to ITTILagos. My name is Ekenma Tebepina and I’m here again to give you another information about TEFL/TESOL Certification. Today we’ll be looking at the accreditation of TESOL certification. The question of accreditation is an important aspect that needs to be made known to as many that intend to take the course. Accreditation is a formal act of reviewing and examining an institution’s academic and professional standard. TEFL in schools are accredited for the same reasons universities are accredited which is to ensure that  ethical and quality standards are maintained and to ensure that your TESOL certification course meets quality standards in the level of instruction, quality curriculum and inclusion of the practical aspect. In the TEFL/TESOL institute, there are notable accrediting TQUK, ACCET, IATQUO and universities such as Cambridge University, Trinity College and others.

It’s important to know that there is no single organization that is globally regarded as a single official accrediting body for TEFL/TESOL certificates. That means to say that there are different accrediting bodies with equal rights to give accreditation to institutions offering TEFL/TESOL certification course.

No accrediting body is more superior to the other. These are the basic information you need to have when selecting TESOL certification provider, the most important aspect of all this is that the TESOL certification provider must be able to meet the standard that is required by the accrediting bodies. Thanks again for taking out time to read through this article…..Thank you.

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