Benefits of TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

Hello, my name is Ekenma Tebepina. I’m from International TEFL Training Institute[ITTI] Lagos. I’ll be taking out some time to talk about the benefits of TEFL/TESOL certification.We’ll start by looking at the benefits of TESOL certification. TESOL certification is a teacher training course and like any course, it provides you with the basic skills that you need to become an effective teacher. Some of its benefits of TESOL certification is that

    One, it gives you access to teaching abroad as an English language instructor, so for those that take the course, they have the opportunity of traveling abroad to teach English, especially in non-English speaking countries.

    Two, it provides you with adequate knowledge on modern teaching techniques so you become an informed teacher who has what it takes to teach effectively. It also makes you certified as an English teacher so you have the certificate  at the end of the course and the certificate proves that you can teach English anywhere in the world, that you can teach English to non-native speakers of the language

So at the end of the course, you are imbedded with the qualities and the knowledge that a good teacher should have. Next time, we’ll also look at some other topics related to the TEFL/TESOL certification.

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