Hello, I’m here again to give us more information about the TEFL/TESOL certification and like it’s always said ‘knowledge is key’ and information is a powerful instrument in the world that we live in at the moment. Today well be looking at training options…..What are the training options in the TEFL/TESOL certification?……There are different types of training options you may decide to go for depending on your work schedule, your availability and financial strength.

We have the 120-Hour 100% in-class or on-site program. In this case, you take your program on daily basis by going to the TESOL institute to learn and at the end of the day or at the end of the program, you’ll be able to have a certificate that shows that you have taken an on-site program that includes teaching practice. Wealso have what we refer to as the 100% online without tutor.

In this case, you’re going to be taking the entire course on your own (self-study). The program is designed in such a way that you can actually do a self-study but the disadvantage of the online program is that you may not have access to teaching practice.Then we have the 100% online with tutor. In this case, you read with the support of your trainer who comes up to explain and give further details about the course. We also have what is called the combined course. In the case of the combined course, you have the theoretical part of the program done online with the help of your trainer and then you have the practical aspect of the course done in-class and in this case you need to be present in class to do the practical aspect by teaching students that do not have a firm foundation in English. So that is the combined course. The combined and the in-class certification is most accepted by recruiters because they believe that your exposure to teaching practice gives you a better skill as a good teacher. Thank you for taking out your time to read through this article. We really do hope that you get connected to ITTILagos for more updates on the TEFL/TESOL certification. Thank you.

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